Want to Volunteer?

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1.      Registration is open to all volunteers over 17 years of age (exceptions will made on a case-by-case basis)

2.      Volunteers must be a baptized believer who is a member of a Southern Baptist Convention affiliated church

3.      Volunteers should model Christ-like qualities in the way they speak, act, and behave.  This is important because you will be teaching impressionable children!

4.      Dai Hoi is July 4th-7th, 2012. You MUST BE COMMITTED TO THESE DATES! Please no  last minute back outs unless it is an emergency such as family, death, or illness

5.      Volunteers must be able to work as a team

6.      Volunteers must be comfortable leading and speaking in front of groups

7.      Volunteers should show enthusiasm and excitement in the group they are leading

8.      Volunteers should demonstrate love and compassion for all children assigned to them during the week

9.      Volunteers should be familiar with and comfortable leading someone through a basic plan of salvation.  Training will be provided and tracked.  Local volunteers will be trained the end of March 2012.  Out of state volunteers will scheduled training on later dates.  Sample topics include…

  • How to share the gospel with children
  • Tips on how to break the ice with children to make that initial relationship
  • Expectations for helpers/volunteers
  • Child safety & protection
  • Disciplinary methods to be employed at Dai Hoi
  • Training on the computerized child check-in/check-out system
  • Overview of Vacation Bible School (VBS) teaching material

Children Ministry Volunteer Responsibilities


1.      Lead small group discussions and help children understand directions

2.      Participate in Game/Rec activities along with the members of their small groups

3.      Abide by and enforce rules

4.      Assist with children check-in and check-out process

5.      Assist with ensuring safety of children during group activities

6.      Assist the speakers, rotation leaders, and worship band as needed

7.      Assist the Children Ministry Director in whatever tasks he/she may assign


Other Notes


1.      All applicants must be willing be interviewed by phone or in person

2.      All local area volunteers will receive meal plans, t-shirts, and a copy of the Dai Hoi DVD Set in appreciation of their service.  Out of state volunteers will be provided housing for the duration of Dai Hoi