Hotel Parking Information

Posted: 12/18/2019 | Viewed: 90216
When you arrive at the hotel to attend Dai Hoi Conference, please read the below information.
Hotel Parking at Crystal Gateway Marriot:
  1. Self-Parking for overnight guest is at a discounted rate of $20 per car per day.
  2. Self-Parking for attendees not staying at the hotel is at a discounted rate of $17 per car per day. Vouchers will be provided during registration packet pick-up. 

Detail hotel info:

Crystal City Parking:

Crystal City has thousands of FREE evening parking spaces when you arrive after 4PM! To access FREE parking, please be sure to use one of the qualify garage entrances listed below and illustrated on the below map. You will be required to take a parking ticket at the gate, but no fee will be assessed upon exit provided that you leave before 6:00 AM on the next business day. If a parker stays beyond complimentary times they will be responsible for the respective fees. 

For clarity, please review the below scenarios:

  1. If a weekday parker enters after 4:00PM and leaves prior to 6:00AM the next day, parking is free.
  2. If a weekend parker enters after 4:00PM Friday and leaves before 6:00AM Monday, parking is free.
  3. If a parker enters after 4:00PM and leaves at 7:00AM the next business day, then they will be charged $6 (one hour at cost).
  4. If a parker enters at 2:00PM on a weekday and leaves at 7:00PM the same evening, they would owe for the 2 hours ($11) that were within the regular hours that the garage charges.
  5. Parking Rates: 1 hour: $6; 2 hour: $11; All day max: $21. Rate cycle repeats at 6:00 AM
  6. Complimentary Parking Hours
    1. Weekday (Monday – Friday) 4:00PM to 6:00AM
    2. Weekend (Friday from 4:00PM to Monday 6:00AM)
    3. Full day during national holidays.

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