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Beloved Pastors, Missionaries, Deacons, Church Leaders, and All Members of Vietnamese Baptist Churches both in the United States and abroad:

Dear servants of our Lord Most High, this is the first of a series of announcement letters that we, the Vietnamese National Baptist Conference Committee, will be sending to you. Following is a summary of our conference for 2009:

Theme: Building a Strong, Healthy Church (Revelations 3:8b)

Location: Crowne Plaza Hotel, Dallas, Texas

Date: Thursday, July 2nd to Sunday, July 5th, 2009


I. REGISTRATION: Once the registration forms are available, please make every effort to register as soon as possible for the following reasons:


a.       Early Registration will help the Organization Committee and the Registration Committee make your stay as comfortable as possible by placing you in appropriate rooms.  When you arrive, you can be situated in just a few minutes rather than having to wait.


b.       Early Registration will help the Organization Committee know the exact number of people who will be dining in, and thus will not have to pay extra for unused meals.


c.       Early Registration will lower your room rates. The earlier you register, the lower your rates.  Presently, for each hotel room—which includes two double beds—the cost is only $43.50 per person, per night.  For your entire three-night stay at the conference in a four-star hotel, it will only cost you $130.00, and that does not yet include discounts!


d.       Early Registration allows the Organization Committee to have the funds available to make a deposit and secure the Conference location for 2009.


e.       Early Registration shows your support and understanding for the Registration Committee as well as all brothers and sisters in Christ willing to dedicate their time and effort to serve Him in this conference.  When you register early, it is not only very encouraging but also helps give all those involved the strength and energy to continue to serve Him fervently.


II. PRAYER: We ask that every servant of God fervently pray for the Vietnamese National Baptist Conference, that God may pour His blessings richly upon it as well as upon each individual person.


III. ENCOURAGE TO ATTENDANCE: Please encourage and remind the members of your church to register early for the Vietnamese National Baptist Conference to show their support and understanding.


May the Lord Most High be in our midst, and by His grace, may we all meet again at the 25th annual Vietnamese National Baptist Conference in Dallas, Texas.


In Christ,


25th Vietnamese National Baptist Conference Committee