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This is a page for Questions and Answers, if you have any question regarding about the conference, please post your question to the below form, we will try our best to answer your question.

Greetings, You can email registration team and give us your registration code, your desire check in/check out date and we will make adjustment according to your email. Blessings.
Xin lổi, chúng tôi không có hợp đồng với khách sạn để dùng phòng Suite. Quý vị có thể book phòng suite trực tiếp với khách sạn.
Registration starts at 12am on 1/15/2023.
Hi, Transportation Team will assist transportation to and from Ronald Reagan National Airport (DCA). More information to come. Please check the Dai Hoi website for update. Blessings.

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