Invitation Letter

Posted: 11/30/-0001 | Viewed: 5977

An Occasion: To build up friendship in the Lord and to share experiences in serving the Lord.

An Opportunity: To learn from the Scripture and to exchange knowledge on effective evangelism in the communities.

A Place: To explore history and geography of beautiful sceneries in parts of Southeast United States.

A Time: To gather family members for spiritual revival and for broader vision of God’s works in many parts in the world among the Vietnamese.

A Plan: To participate in training sessions and seminars leading toward equipping for victorious living to bring glory to God.

An Earnest Invitation: Please come – please participate in the 30th Annual Baptist Conference in 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia. We welcome any suggestions for improvement. Please send your suggestions to Đại Hội 30’s Planning Committee, or the Supportive Committee, or the Exectutive Committee.

A Sincere Plea: Please also pray earnestly for God’s presence and guidance so that the 30th Annual Conference would be used as a good tool for His good will.

Rev. Chinh Van Dao