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Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

The day of our Conference is approaching, and the Organizing Committee we are trying to finish all the work to be able to welcome you at the Conference. Please pray for us all. Please also notice the following:

  1. The transportation team will pick you up from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the airport. This free service operates from 3:00 pm on Thursday, June 30, to 11:59 pm on Monday, July 04. If you wish to be picked up before and after the above time span, please use PrimeTime Shuttle service ( or Super Shuttle (; their price is affordable. If you want to use our FREE service, please book your ticket so that you will arrive and depart in the time span mentioned above.
  2. In case you want to stay a few days before or after the conference, you may contact the Registration Team to have the special price applied to your payment. Note: this price applies only to a maximum of 2 days before the conference (June 29 and 30), and 2 days after the conference (July 04 and 05). Regarding transportation for personal purposes, you can rent a car from Fox Rent a Car ( with a very affordable price. If you arrive at John Wayne Airport or LAX, their bus will take you to the car, and you can drive to the hotel. Fox Rent a Car does not have a branch in Long Beach airport yet.
  3. On Saturday morning, the entire Conference will go to Crystal Cathedral to attend the Tin Lanh Centennial Celebration. We will have buses (50 seats) to take you there, even though it’s just 1.5 miles away. To be able to move about 700 people, the Transportation Team needs your cooperation, and self-discipline. Upon arrival, we will give each of you a bus ticket: Red tickets will allow you to go from 7 - 8 am, and Blue tickets between 8-9 am. The Celebration will begin at 9 am sharp, so your cooperation in transportation will ensure we won’t be late, and won’t cause traffic jams for brothers and sisters from other denominations.
  4. Also on Saturday, July 2, we encourage those who drive do so early to find parking space, and also to avoid peak hours, between 7:30 to 9:00 am. If you want to ride the bus with everyone else, then you are welcome to do so.

We are very thankful for your cooperation and your heart for our Organizing Committee. May God richly bless you. See you at the Conference

In Christ,

Transportation Team