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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Just over a week from now and we will see each other in the 27th Conference, marking an important historical journey of our people. We are very happy to see that God does strengthen each of us, and encourages you to register to attend. As of today, June 21, we have a total of 1068 people registered, 728 people will stay at the hotel, and 756 have meal tickets.

We, as the Organizing Committee, are glad to see the enthusiastic response in your registrations, and at the same time it causes us to pray more so that we have enough strength to serve you during the Conference. Please keep on praying for us, because apart from God, we can do nothing!

All the preparations are almost complete. Before you go to the Conference, please note the following important things:

1. Before going to the Conference, please log into your account to print a receipt and bring it to the hotel. This helps you check in faster.

2. On arrival, you will see a total of 6 lines as follow:

(1) Fully Paid Package Registration (with Hotel & Food) from states: A - M
(2) Fully Paid Package Registration (with Hotel & Food) from states: N - Z
(3) Partially Paid or Unpaid Registration & Partial Registrations
(4) No Package or New Registrations
(5) Troubleshooting
(6) Families with kids from 0 to 12 years

Please follow the instructions on the boards and send a representative of the room or your family (must be the first person in the list) to stand in line to get the name tags and room keys. We will only give out your name tags and room keys. You CANNOT pick up name tags for people of a different room, even though you all may come from one church.

Please follow the instructions of the Receptionists to get to the waiting area (Room Mazatlan B) to avoid congestion and chaos. Water and snack will be provided while you are waiting. Yey!

3. If you need to pay Conference fee at the Hotel, please prepare a check or cash (exact amount, no change given) to shorten the waiting time for checking in.

4. After checking in, if your family has children or grandchildren 12 years old and under, please step to row number 6 for further guidance on the needs of the children.

5. Crowne Plaza Hotel has a total of 9 floors and 3 elevators, so when we go up and down the room, please remember to give way to those who are older or have children. People in all floors, especially floors 1, 2, 3 or 4 (except the elderly and the handicaped) are encouraged to use stairs. If more than 700 people wait for the elevator, we will not have time to go up the rooms and down in time to attend other programs. Waiting for the elevators may actually take longer than taking the stairs!

6. The name tag is also your meal ticket (if you have registered for it), please keep it safe. Name tags are free the first time only. If lost, the fee to re-issue name tag is $5. Please contact the Registration Team for assistance.

7. We don’t sell individual meal tickets. Therefore, if you have not registered for food, please DO NOT ask the Registration Team to sell individual meal tickets for you. We hope that you would understand. You can go outside to eat. NOTE: The hotel does not allow us to bring outside food into the common areas, so if you buy food outside, please bring directly to your rooms and enjoy.

8. Our main worship place (Cabo San Lucas) is also a dining room. Therefore, after the service is over, we need to leave quickly so the hotel can change the room into a dining room. We have an hour to eat every meal; so please eat quickly and leave the room, so the hotel personnel can re-arrange chairs for our next worship service.

9. Upon arrival, you will also receive bus tickets for Saturday morning transportation, please comply with the time printed on the tickets, so you will not affect others. We have almost 2 hours (from 7 - 8:55 am) to go to the Crystal Cathedral. Therefore, your cooperation with our plan will help the Transportation Team complete their tasks.

Crowne Plaza address:
12021 Harbor Blvd., Garden Grove, CA 92841

Crystal Cathedral address:
12141 Lewis St. Garden Grove, CA 92840

10. Please carefully review the booklet that you will receive at the Conference, because it will answer most questions that you intend to ask the Organizing Committee.

11. All the DVDs you ordered, or will order at the Conference will be sent to you at the address provided. We want more time to edit the video and make a better quality DVD set. Rest assured, it WON”T take weeks before you get your DVDs.


12. Hotel parking is totally free!


During these last days before the Conference, please prepare our hearts each day in prayers: Prepare our hearts to respond to God’s callings or teachings during this Conference. The success of the 27th Conference does not originate from the Organizing Committee, but from your own heart. We see your heart through the registration and payment process. We wish that your heart will burn strong at the Conference through your smiles, your willingness to help the Organizing Committee in anything that you can do: Keeping things clean, following the time schedule, respecting people, expressing a Christian spirit, welcoming each other, even heavy lifting should assistance needed etc. And above all, we pray that the Holy Spirit will keep your heart burning for God so that in and after this Conference, we will begin doing new things that God has put in our hearts. See you all at the 27th Conference.

With all my heart,
Pastor Tin Hoang Duy Le